Being able to spot a bad chat site is important whenever you’re out and looking to have some fun online. That’s why we really have to focus on this with our sex chat tips.

Don’t be caught and scammed.

There are a lot of bad sites out there, unfortunately. We’ve seen a lot of them in our travels, and that’s why it’s important to be able to pick out scam sites that can harm your computer.


The worst kinds of sites out there might be full of viruses as well as scammers that are actually and legitimately after your money. There’s really no need to put up with that.

You really don’t want to put up with sites with shady customer service, either, because you’re just going to find yourself in more bad situations because of it. It’s usually easy to spot this early on.

Also, watch out for performers.

If you’re on a bad site, there’s a good chance that even the girls are out to scam you out of money. Don’t assume that they’re the innocent ones, because they can be just as bad.

The thing about most sites is that they run off of private chats. The longer that timer ticks on, the more money these girls get, and they know that very, very well, trust us.

They might try to draw out private chat sessions in order to get more money out of you, which is not only sleezy, but obnoxious. If they try to chat you up for a long period, that’s undoubtedly what they’re after.

Watch out for the ‘love trap.’


One of the more bizarre scams that we’ve seen over time is the love trap, which usually is seen on sites that are based in China or Russia–which you should avoid, by the way.

The girls on these sites will pretend to fall in love with you, and then beg you for money for a plane ticket to come and see you. Obviously, they aren’t really going to do that.

They just want your money. It’s a trick that’s as old as the book itself, so make sure that you don’t fall for it. These girls aren’t going to fall in love with you, so remember that!

Just be safe.

It sounds easy to ‘just be safe’, but we know it’s easier said than done, just like with many sex chat strategies. That being said, you really do need to learn to keep yourself safe.

If you can stay safe and sound, you’ll be that much happier. The first step is avoiding sites that are really covered in ads that can generate a ton of malware and viruses.

By starting to avoid those sites, you’ll end up safer already. That’s the start of a bad site, anyway, and there’s not going to be anything there that makes it any safer for you.

Always be on the lookout.

If you can step back and observe a site objectively before you fall prey to all the gorgeous ladies, you’ll be that much happier and we’re sure of that. Just always take are, and judge each site carefully.

The more you take the time to read reviews about sites, the better. You’ll really be able to find a site that’s going to take care of you, and actually give you what you want.